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Mobile Inventory

View Pre-Owned Inventory and Vehicle Information on Smart Phones & Tablets

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Vehicle Service Information

Auto Sales Staff can Quickly View Vehicle Reconditioning Status and Service Work Performed

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Hello, and welcome to ReconStatus®

ReconStatus provides fully hosted Used Vehicle Inventory Tracking Systems for Auto Dealers large and small. Our simple and affordable systems can help your dealership reduce vehicle reconditioning Cycle Time and Phone Calls between departments. Sales Staff and Managers can quickly access the Vehicle Status and information for every used vehicle including exact Vehicle Location, if the vehicle has been sent to a Third Party for Repairs, if the vehicle is Ready to Sell and what service has been performed to date.

ReconStatus provides Vehicle Reconditioning Information to Sales Staff and Managers. This means the Sales Staff spend less time calling service managers looking for vehicles and more time selling. While the Managers spend more time managing and less time talking to the sales staff pointing out basic information. In both cases the entire staff is more productive.

ReconStatus Benefits Core features included in all plans.

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Mobile Inventory

The Auto Dealer Inventory Tracking System works on desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. QR Codes placed on vehicles allow sales staff to scan on the lot with a phone and view vehicle reconditioning status and repair information.

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Auto Dealer Sales Staff no longer need to call service departments to locate vehicles or ask about reconditioning status. A Real-Time "Ready To Sell" list displays vehicles as they complete the reconditioning process. Sales Staff can view service and repair information for all pre-owned vehicles. Managers spend less time answering redundant phone calls.

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The system allows auto dealer sales staff to instantly locate vehicles on the lot. Sales Staff can view vehicle repair notes and information such as parts delays or if a vehicle has been sent to a third party for service or repair.

Feature 3


Service department and body shop staff save phone time from sales staff looking for vehicle information. The integrated VIN Decoder makes it fast and easy to add vehicles.

ReconStatus Features Core features included in all plans.

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Website Design offers the most cutting edge websites with reactive mobile design and superior SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) built in.

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The powerful VIN Decoder included in all plans makes it fast and easy to add inventory. The integrated Vin Decoder in the system displays some vehicle information not found in other vin decoders.

Feature 1

Inventory Tracking

The Auto Dealer Inventory Tracking System is simple and easy-to-use. Reconditioning Status is displayed for all used vehicles. Each department has a list of vehicles ready for them.

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The System generates QR Codes for each vehicle. This allows sales staff to snap a QR Code on the lot and view the vehicle reconditioning status.

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Feature 4

v-Auto Import supports the import of vAuto data either with manual upload or automatic import.

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DealerTrack Import supports the automatic import of DealerTrack data.

Feature 4

VinSolutions Import supports the automatic import of VinSolutions data.

ReconStatus Testimonials What our customers are saying about us.


Everyone here loves it... I used to get 30 calls a day (where is this where is that ???) now I get maybe 2 and it is all from the older stuff that was pre Recon Status... I love having each department head pull their cycle times - Ressler Motors

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